DICOTA Top Traveller Business 13-14.1

DICOTA Top Traveller Business 13-14.1

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Maximális méret14.1"

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Dicota Top Traveller Business 13-14.1 (D31092) The Top Traveller Business combines a protective function with an elegant design. The functional top loader is your trusty companion in your day-to-day business life and offers a high degree of travelling comfort. The lockable notebook compartment is equipped with particularly lightweight padding of high density foam (HDF) which is precisely form-fitted to your device. In this way your notebook is completely protected from bumps and shocks. What’s more, the bag is equipped with ample storage space and practical functions which make your life easier. Important documents can be safely stowed in the conveniently subdivided document compartment. Thanks to the insert pocket for tablets up to 10.1, likewise padded with HDF, your mobile PC will also get safely to your destination. The practical and easy-access insert pockets in the front pocket allow you to organise your personal gear. In this way, essentials such as your smartphone, business cards and keys are always at hand. Your mains cable and other accessories can be conveniently stowed in a removable case – letting you deal once and for all with those pesky tangled cables. The comfortable handles and padded shoulder strap are your guarantee of convenient and pleasant transport. When you are travelling with several pieces of luggage, the practical trolley strap lets you attach the bag to your wheeled case in one easy action. Meaning that you are perfectly equipped to face any challenge. Lockable notebook compartment with HDF (High-Density Foam) Spacious compartment including functional document divider Padded slip pocket (nylex lining) for Tablets up to 10.1 Front pocket with workstation to organize personal belongings Comfortable shoulder straps, ergonomic back cushioningand trolleybelt on the back Removable case for cables and chargers More Information More Information Item Number D31092 Material Polyester Color black EAN 7640158663035 Max. Width Device Measurement (mm) 350 x 35 x 245 mm 13.78 x 1.38 x 9.65 inch Product Measurements Width (mm) 385 x 120 x 295 mm 15.16 x 4.72 x 11.61 inch Weight 0.92 kg / 2.02 lbs A termék adatlapja Így is ismerheti: Top Traveller Business 13 14 1, TopTravellerBusiness13141, Top Traveller Business 13 14.1, TopTravellerBusiness13-141

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